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QR Codes for Your Business

QR Codes for Your Business


From: “Go Mobile! QR Codes for Your Business” and The Sage Peachtree Insider

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You see them everywhere these days, those funny little black-and-white squares filled with squiggles. They’re showing up on brochures, magazine ads, store shelves, and on the web. But exactly what are they and what are they for? Initially used to electronically track inventory, QR codes, short for Quick Response Codes, are fast growing marketing tool that links smartphone users to additional product information, special offers or videos on the web. 

One of the best examples of a successful QR marketing campaign is at GNC stores. There’s a QR code in their front window with a sign that says “The most phenomenal thing you’ll do all day.” Smartphone users can scan the code and immediately download a message rewarding them with a free drink inside the store. It’s a very smart and fun way to drive more store traffic.

Want to try it for your business? It’s easier than you think. There are several sites that help you quickly and easily genrate your own QR code. You’ll need a most important thing to remember is to build in a compelling offer. If consumers go to the trouble to scan your QR code, they should receive something good in return.

Use a “barcode scanner” app on your mobile phone to test out the QR Code shown above.

More from:  “Go Mobile! QR Codes for Your Business” and The Sage Peachtree Insider

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