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Sage to Present a Free, Live, Online Group Demo/Q&A on Sage 50 Quantum

Sage to Present a Free, Live, Online Group Demo/Q&A on Sage 50 Quantum


  • Looking for a more advanced accounting/business management solution for your growing organization?
  • Considering a move to a higher end ERP system, but need an affordable solution?
  • Want to take a closer look at Sage 50 Quantum, but haven’t had the time?

Mark your calendar, because
here is your chance!

In just a short time, you can learn firsthand how Sage 50 Quantum can provide features you may be missing in your current accounting/business management solution. This exclusive, informative webcast will be presented by the software manufacturer, Sage.

Attend this Session and
Receive Two Free Gifts (see end of announcement)

Are you missing any of these advanced features in your current accounting/business management solution? Sage 50 Quantum has:

True FIFO Costing
Bill of Materials Revisions
Serialized Inventory
Multi Units of Measure
Workflow Process for Instant Visibility for Your Team
Advanced Job Tracking/Reporting
Customizable User Dashboards
Advanced Cash Flow Analysis
Sage Intelligence Reporting Tool for Advanced Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards
High Performance
Up to 40 Users
Easy to Deploy Add-on that Allows Secured Access to Key Info from Anywhere
And More!


Enroll today in this complimentary webcast to find out how Sage 50 Quantum can help you better manage your business with its vast functionality and affordability.  Sage 50 Quantum is a total business management solution that provides guidance, insights, and tools to help you achieve your business ambitions.

Are there others in your organization that would benefit by attending this webcast? Please feel free to forward this invite to others within your company to participate in this online overview.

This will be an informative presentation covering several topics.  Time will be allotted at the end of the presentation for Q&A.

Attend this Session and Get 2 Free Gifts!

Free One Hour Consultation*
Ebook-50 Excel Tips, Tricks

To get the free gifts, please reference 121 Business Software Consulting as the referring party when registering for the web event. (You must register and participate in the entire session.)

Thanks and hope you can join me for this exciting live web event!


*Free One Hour Consultation for new clients who attend the entire session.

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How to Batch E-mail Statements to Past Due Customers

How to Batch E-mail Statements to Past Due Customers

Peachtree Tips button By:  Suzy Payne Rabb
121 Business Software Consulting


How can I email statements to past due customers?



QUESTION:  We are tightening our credit procedures and would like to e-mail our past due customers weekly until any balances over 30 days are received. Is there an easy way to do this?

ANSWER:  Absolutely. I’ve found that many users believe in order to use Customer Statements, they have to print statements for all customers. This is not true. You can change your settings to select customers with past due balances only and easily e-mail a whole batch of statements with just a few keystrokes.

Note: In order to e-mail forms to your customers or vendors from Peachtree, you must have a default MAPI-compliant e-mail application installed on your computer.
Here are the steps to set up for and e-mail a batch of 30-day past due customer statements.

Verify/Update Customer Records
Change Invoice/Statement Default Information
E-mail a Batch of Customer Statements

Verify/Update Customer Records
Get into your Peachtree company and select Maintain / Customers from the main menu at the top of the screen.Sage 50, Sage Peachtree


Be sure there is an e-mail address on file for each customer.

Then, select the Sales Info tab.
Sage 50, sage Peachtree








Under Form Options, be sure that E-mail is selected for each customer.

Change Invoice/Statement Default Information. Go to Maintain / Default Information / Invoices/Statements.
Sage 50, sage Peachtree









Check box at At least one invoice.  Enter “30” for days past due.  Also, be sure that Open Item is set as the Default Statement Type.


E-mail a Batch of Customer Statements. Select Reports & Forms / Forms / Customer Statements.
Sage 50, sage Peachtree


Select desired statement format on the left side of the screen, then select Preview and Print.

Sage 50, sage Peachtree







Update through date and any filters desired on left side. Then, click Refresh List to see an updated list of the customers to be included in this customer statement group.

Make any desired changes to the list, then select E-mail Options tab.Sage 50, sage Peachtree









Check Send an e-mail customer statement only, do not print a duplicate.

Do not check Show me each e-mail before sending.

Select Print Preview at bottom of screen to check statements before e-mailing.

If good, select Print/Email to start the batch e-mail process.

Note: You will be presented with the print window, even though there may be no statements to print.  Select OK and the email process will begin shortly. Sage 50, sage Peachtree







Once the process is complete, check to be sure your statements were e-mailed properly. If so, select Yes and the Last Statement Date will be updated for each customer’s account.

Contact me if you need help with customer statements or have a tip to share. I also offer a free consultation for new clients.

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