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What is the Sage Peachtree Internal Accounting Review?

What is the Sage Peachtree Internal Accounting Review?

From: “What is the Internal Accounting Review?” at Peachtree.com

The Internal Accounting Review is a tool that allows you to run an internal audit on your Sage Peachtree company data. It looks for common transaction mistakes and potentially fraudulent activity by running a series of up to 15 checks against your company data. If transactions are found, they are listed under the appropriate Internal Accounting Review check name for your review. You then have the opportunity to take the appropriate action on each transaction.

These checks represent common transaction mistakes and/or conditions that might be revealed in an external audit. While this review is not exhaustive, it is intended to help you identify, investigate, and if necessary, correct issues that may be problems. Here’s what we look for:

 1. Purchases or bills that don’t credit an accounts payable account
 2. Sales or invoices that don’t debit an accounts receivable account
 3. Payments or checks that don’t credit a cash account
 4. Receipts or money received that doesn’t debit a cash account
 5. Transactions that debit and credit the same general ledger account
 6. Possible duplicate transactions of the same type
 7. Vendor invoices or bills from prior periods that have not been received
 8. Transactions entered in the future
 9. Transactions posted to inactive records
10. Un-reconciled cash accounts
11. Inventory items that default to duplicate general ledger accounts
12. Out of sequence checks
13. Accounts receivable accounts that are out of balance with the aged receivables report
14. Accounts payable accounts that are out of balance with the aged payables report
15. Possible duplicate paychecks for an employee within a pay period

From: “What is the Internal Accounting Review?” at Peachtree.com

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