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Gross Profit by Invoice, Item

Gross Profit by Invoice, Item

“Already providing insights on what we need to do next.”  New Gross Profit by Invoice Report User. This standard Sage 50 Business Intelligence Report can be added to your system today.


Details.  Ideal for any company in the business of moving product. This report provides an analysis of all invoices, credit memos for any time period and works for stock items and assemblies. Check out your profitability down to the invoice, item level for any starting, ending date.

(Please note: This report is not available in the core Sage 50 product or via any standard Sage 50 BI template.)

What You Get.  You will received a locked BI report, that you may copy, change and save to create a number of useful reports for your own business. We also include a one-to-one online session to install your report, show you how to run it, provide minor modifications and/or provide an overview or Q&A on BI basics (up to a two hour online session provided with each BI report purchase, a $190 value). Many useful modifications are possible: Gross Profit by Sales Rep, Invoice, Item; Gross Profit by Item Type, Item; and more.

Please note: This report is for your own business use and is not for resale.

Click here for PDF of full report.

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Email info@121-business.com for questions or to schedule installation. Report includes up to 2 hours for installation, minor modifications and basic BI skill building.


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New Sage 50 Scorecard for Restaurant Managers

New Sage 50 Scorecard for Restaurant Managers

By Suzy Payne Rabb

Stay on track with the key performance indicators that can mean success or failure for your restaurant. Use this tool to inform, motivate, challenge and incentivize restaurant managers to build more profit into your bottom line.

Most accounting software solutions can’t provide this level of performance scorecard reporting. Other solutions provide a part, but require a lot of manual Excel work to provide a complete report. Sage 50 (Peachtree), with the new Sage Intelligence reporting tool, can be setup to output this report directly from Sage 50 into Excel with ZERO extra Excel work.

Use this report to monitor where you are today, pinpoint problem areas and take action to increase profit.

Important Restaurant Key Performance Indicators
Works with Your Existing Chart of Accounts
Works with Versions 2012 and Beyond
No More Excel Editing, Copying, Pasting to Get What You Need
Modifications to Standard Layout are Available

Click here to see the full report.

Contact me today for details on how to add this reporting to your Sage 50 system.

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