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Q. What is Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

A. Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is a powerful Microsoft® Excel®-based reporting solution that integrates with Sage 50 Accounting software. With Intelligence Reporting, you can easily run customized reports, on demand, without having to manually update worksheets. Also, with the optional Connector Module, you can create custom reports from multiple companies or other databases.

Q. Where can I get Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

A. Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is available as a free 60-day trial in all Sage 50 Accounting products. Click here to learn how to activate your Sage Intelligence.

Q. How much does Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting cost?

A. A one-user license of Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is $250. If you are on a Sage Business Care plan, including Sage 50 Quantum customers, a one-user license for Sage Intelligence Reporting is included with your plan at no additional cost. Additional user licenses are available for $50 each. The Connector Module site license, which allows you to create custom reports from multiple companies or other databases, is $100.

Q. What is included with a one-user license?

A. A one-user license includes the Report Manager, Activation Manager and Security Manager. These tools allow you to create and run standard and customized reports from your Sage 50 company on demand, without having to manually update worksheets.

Q. What reports are included with Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

A. The standard Microsoft Excel-based reports that come with Intelligence Reporting include Financial Reports, Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Inventory Analysis, and Dashboard Analysis.

Q. Is Sage Intelligence Reporting compatible with older releases of Sage 50?

A. Yes. Sage Intelligence Reporting is compatible with Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2012-2014. Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2012-current, and Sage 50 Quantum 2012-current.

Q. What versions of Microsoft Excel are compatible with Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

A. Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 are compatible with Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting 2015.

Q. I am a Sage 50 Accounting customer with multiple users on Sage 50 Accounting. How many Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting user licenses should I purchase?

A. You will need a Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting Report Manager license for each person who will be running, creating or editing reports.

Please note that the maximum number of Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting user licenses you could purchase equals the number of Sage 50 Accounting user licenses you own. For example, if you have a 10-user Sage 50 Quantum 2012 license, you can activate up to 10 user licenses of Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting.

Q. How is Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting different from Microsoft Excel and Sage 50 Accounting?

A. Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is a comprehensive reporting program that allows you to access all your business information in one centralized location. Microsoft Excel provides an easy-to-use interface and Sage 50 Accounting reporting gives you access to all your financial, sales, inventory, payroll and projects information.

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting takes the best of both these worlds and combines them into one complete reporting product, making it easier to access and interpret your business information – so that you can focus on making better and faster business decisions.

Q. Is there a support plan for Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

A. If you are a current Sage Business Care subscriber, then you automatically have support coverage for Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting. If not, then you may subscribe to Sage Business Care when you purchase Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting.

Q. What type of training is available to help me make the most of Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

A. There are many training resources to help you get started with Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting. Please check out the Sage 50 Intelligence Resource Center.

The Sage 50 Accounting Resource Center is a centralized location where you can find all the resources for Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting. There are videos that instruct you on how to use Sage Intelligence, a getting started manual, a set of product tips and tricks, and also a link to the Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting forum, where you can share and receive tips and tricks from report writing experts.

Q. I would like to have someone create a custom Sage Intelligence report for my company. Is there anyone doing this for Sage 50 US?

Yes. There are several Sage Intelligence Report Writing Consultants creating custom reporting for Sage 50 US and other Sage Solutions. Check out this list of Sage Intelligence Report Writing Consultants. At Search by ERP/Accounting Package, select Sage 50 US.

For information about Sage 50 U.S. Edition Intelligence Reporting, please contact us.